If You’ve Been Missing Updates from the Business Courts Blog

Due to a setting error, email notices have not been going out from the Business Courts Blog with each of our new posts. Our apologies.

A lot has been going on with business courts in 2019-2020, and this is a good opportunity to look back over our posts to see if you’ve missed anything of interest. Some of these posts specifically address Covid-19 issues, which now has its own category link.

Below are individual links to our posts from December 2019 to the present. We also encourage you to look back through all our prior posts that you may have missed.

Links from December 1, 2019 to the present:

Kentucky Supreme Court issues Rules of Practice for the Jefferson County Business Court Docket Pilot Project

Philadelphia Commerce Court Holds Common Law Indemnity Claim Outside Scope of ADR Agreement

Philadelphia Commerce Court Applies Basic Contract Principles in Entering Judgment for Subcontractor

Wyoming Supreme Court Adopts Draft Rules for Chancery Court, Pending Comment and Adoption of Final Rules

Proposed New Commercial Division Rule on Hyperlinking in Legal Memoranda

Philadelphia Commerce Court 2018 Report

New Article on Michigan’s Business Courts after Seven Years of Experience

West Virginia Business Court Division’s 2019 Annual Report

Michigan Business Court Leaves Open Possibility that Former Employer’s Conduct may Constitute Tortious Interference with Business Relations when trying to Enforce Employment Agreement’s Non-Competition Clause

Wisconsin Business Court Rules: (1) Arbitrators had Contractual Mandate to Decide Arbitrability; (2) Case Stayed as to Parties to Arbitration Agreement Only, but can Proceed Against Other Parties

Rhode Island Business Court Rules that Arbitrator Decides Arbitrability if Governing Arbitration Rules Provide that Authority

Wisconsin Expands Commercial Docket Pilot Project

Philadelphia Commerce Court Explains the Difference between “Abuse of Process” and “Wrongful Use of Civil Proceedings”

The Covid-19 Virus: Using Telephones and Videoconferencing to Reduce Risk

Using Telephones and Videoconferencing to Reduce Risk from the Covid-19 Virus – Updated With Additional Courts Orders and Directives

Short Summaries of some Recent Decisions in Philadelphia’s Commerce Court

Florida Bar’s Business Law Section Unanimously Approves Proposal for Statewide Business Court

Rhode Island Superior Court’s COVID-19 Business Recovery Plan, and the Business Calendar’s Role in the Non-Liquidating Receivership Program

Some Important Insurance Coverage Issues for COVID-19 Business Loss Claims

An Insurer Brings a Covid-19 Declaratory Judgment Action

Innovative Proposal to use Philadelphia’s Business Court as a Vehicle for Mediating Covid-19 Commercial Disputes

Business Court Force Majeure Opinions — Philadelphia

Business Court Force Majeure Opinions – New York Commercial Division (act of court as an act of government)

Business Court Force Majeure Opinions – New York Commercial Division (Informal Pressure from Legislators can Constitute Force Majeure)

Article on Rhode Island Business Calendar’s Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic

ABA Business and Corporate Litigation Committee Publishes 2020 Edition of Recent Developments in Business and Corporate Litigation

International Business Courts Book Available Online

Philadelphia Commerce Court is Home for Temporary Financial Monitor Program to Assist Businesses and Creditors in the Time of Covid-19

Two New Business Court Articles in The Business Lawyer

Georgia’s Statewide Business Court Opens

New North Carolina Commercial Receivership Act Designates Matters Over $5,000,000 to North Carolina’s Business Court