Interview with Business Court Judge Christopher P. Yates

The Summer 2022 Michigan Business Law Journal’s Touring the Business Courts column includes an interview with nationally known Business Court Judge Christopher P. Yates.  Judge Yates was recently appointed to Michigan’s intermediate level appellate court.

The interview provides an opportunity for Judge Yates to discuss his experience with Michigan’s business courts.  A link to the Touring the Business Courts interview can be found here.

Judge Yates has written broadly on U.S. business courts, as a co-author of The Business Courts Bench Book, and as the author of a Business Lawyer essay on the ABA’s role in developing business courts, as can be seen here.

Our thanks to attorney Douglas L. Toering for bringing this interview to our attention.  Attorneys Toering, Fatima M. Bolyea, and Brian P. Markham are the article’s authors.