Three New Iowa Business Court Judges

The Iowa Supreme Court has recently selected three new judges to the Iowa Business Specialty Court: District Judge Rustin Davenport, District Judge David Odekirk, and Senior Judge Michael Schilling. These appointees were chosen based on their educational background, experience with business and complex commercial cases, and personal interest in business courts. They will join the five judges who currently serve on the state’s business court.

The expansion of the Iowa Business Specialty Court is a response to a significant increase in the number of cases that are being assigned to the business court. There have been 204 cases assigned to Iowa’s business court since it was established on May 1, 2013—42 of those cases were assigned this year alone. Given this influx of cases, the addition of three new business court judges should help Iowa’s business court as it pursues its goals of efficiency and lower costs for litigants.

For more information on these appointments, please see the Iowa Courts’ press release, which can be found here.

Thank you to Lee Applebaum for bringing this to our attention.

Posted by Doug Toering