Article: The 4 Top Philadelphia Commerce Court Opinions of 2023

Jonathan Hugg and Sarah Boutros, attorneys at Eckert Seamans, have co-authored an insightful article summarizing four of the most noteworthy opinions issued by the Philadelphia Commerce Court in 2023. The following cases are summarized: Ambox v. Pocklington (judicial privilege/“litigation about litigation”); LL Capital Partners v. Tambur (indefinite stay request); Apex Realty v. Elverta Washington Square (sheriff’s sale/collateral attack by junior creditor); and Skw-B Acquisitions v. Stobba Residential (appointment of receiver over solvent business). For Law360 subscribers, the article can be found here.

Thank you to Mr. Hugg and Ms. Boutros for writing this helpful article and to Mitchell Bach for bringing the article to our attention.

Posted by Doug Toering