Retiring Business Court Judges

The start of 2024 coincides with the retirements of several well-respected business court judges. Judge Clifton Newman (South Carolina Circuit Court) retired in December 2023, and Judge Nancy Allf (Clark County District Court; Nevada) and Judge Heather Welch (Marion County Superior Court; Indiana) will retire in January and February 2024, respectively.

Each of these judges has made valuable contributions both to their respective states’ business courts and to business courts nationally—Judge Newman, Judge Allf, and Judge Welch have all been involved in the ABA’s Business Law Section and the American College of Business Court Judges.

More information on the judges’ accomplishments and retirements can be found in the following articles: Judge Clifton Newman; Judge Nancy Allf; Judge Heather Welch.

We thank these judges for their service to business courts and wish them post-retirement success.

Thank you to Lee Applebaum and Mitchell Bach for bringing this news to our attention.

Posted by Doug Toering