Business Court Podcast from the ABA Section of Business Law

For those with access to the ABA Section of Business Law’s website, there is a podcast available, An Introduction to the Benchbook and Business Courts, with an editor and some of the authors from its recent publication, The Business Courts Benchbook: Procedures and Best Practices in Business and Commercial Cases.  A link to the podcast can be found here.

The Section’s website describes the podcast as follows:

“What is a Business Court? How did the idea for the Benchbook start? What changes do you expect for Business Courts? In this first episode of our podcast series, we speak with three of the pre-eminent scholars on business courts in our country, Lee Applebaum and Mitchell L. Bach, along with Judge Clifton Newman of the South Carolina Circuit Court’s Business Court, on which he has served for a decade. We discuss the origin of Business Courts, the background and genesis of the Benchbook, and how our guests became involved in Business Courts. We also get some thoughts on the changes litigators can expect to see in business courts over the next five years, including how the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath will impact the operation of business courts and their use of technology.”

Again, a link to the podcast can be found here.

Posted by Lee Applebaum