Case Volume in Newer International Commercial Courts Hasn’t Met Expectations

Prof. Dr. Giesela Rühl recently posted on a proposed German International Commercial Court.  In discussing the new legislation to create an English language court for international commercial disputes in Germany, Professor Rühl observes that English language international commercial courts created in the Netherlands, France and Singapore have not seen the expected number of cases.  A link to this post, Giesela Rühl, International commercial courts for Germany?, EAPIL Blog and Conflict of Laws. Net (April 27, 2023), can be found here.

In recent years, there as been considerable discussion, on many levels, concerning the creation of courts to resolve international commercial disputes.   Some of this is at the operational level, e.g., Cyprus is reportedly creating an international commercial court, see Georgia Antonopoulou and Xandra Kramer, A New Court Open for International Business Soon: The Commercial Court in Cyprus, Conflict of Laws. Net (Feb. 26, 2023), and Roman Baechler & Stefanie Pfisterer, Introduction of international commercial courts in Switzerland, International Bar Association (April 28, 2023) regarding legislation permitting the creation on international commercial courts in Swiss cantons th,at choose to do so, starting in 2025.

Others address broader issues concerning the theories behind such courts, their viability and impact, and their implications.  Some of the recent discussions can be found at:

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