International Business Courts Book Available Online

A book on international business courts, first published in 2019, is now available online via open access.  International Business Courts: A European and Global Perspective is edited by Xandra Kramer & John Sorabji and published by Eleven International Publishing. It includes chapters on, e.g., the Business and Property Courts of England and Wales, the Netherlands new english language Commercial Court, France’s International Commercial Courts, Singapore’s International Commercial Court, the DIFC financial courts, and a chapter entitled International Commercial Courts and the United States: An Outlier by Choice and by Constitutional Design? A link to the online publication can be found here, and our previous post on the U.S. chapter can be found here.

For those seeking a general sense of what’s going on internationally, the first chapter gives an overview of commercial courts and some history, while elucidating current developments in creating international business courts, the theories behind those developments and some deeper analysis of those developments and theories.

Posted by Lee Applebaum