Paper Published on Establishing Business Courts in Texas, by Legislation

The Texans for Lawsuit Reform Foundation recently issued a paper, “The Case for Specialized Courts in Texas”.  A copy of that paper can be found here.

The paper breaks down into sections explaining the nature and history of business courts; Texas history since 2007 on attempting to create complex litigation and business courts; the potential benefits of a Texas business court; critiques of specialized business courts; and the relationship of business courts to jury trials and ADR.

The general history and nature of business court section provides details on the role Delaware has played in developing business courts, business court development in other states, states where business courts have not been sustained, case eligibility requirements, the means for accessing or departing a business court venue, training judges, and issuing published opinions.

The paper also provides a very detailed, and useful, appendix of each individual business and complex litigation court across the United States.

For anyone interested generally in U.S. business courts, the authors provide an excellent primer.

Posted by Lee Applebaum