Recent Business Court Developments in 2024

Over the past 21 years, the Business and Corporate Litigation Committee (BCLC) of the ABA’s Business Law Section has published a book highlighting recent developments in business and corporate litigation. Each year, the book includes a chapter on business courts.

For 19 years, Lee Applebaum, this blog’s founder and an incredible resource on business courts, guided the business courts chapter as its co-editor and/or co-author. Lee retired last year and is the chapter’s Editor Emeritus. North Carolina attorney Ben Norman has taken over leadership of the chapter and has done an excellent job in this role.

The 2024 version of the chapter—which summarizes business court developments in 2024 as well as business court opinions in various states—was recently published and is available online here (to Business Law Section members). The segments on Michigan’s business courts were authored by Doug Toering and Brian Markham.

Posted by Doug Toering and Matt Rose