Standing International Forum of Commercial Courts’ Report on its Fourth Meeting

The Standing International Forum of Commercial Courts (SIFoCC) was created in 2017.  Its goal is to provide a forum for communication and collaboration between commercial courts (and their judges) across the globe.

The SIFoCC has held four meetings to date, with judges from around the world.  Before 2022, the last in person meeting (2018) took place in New York.  A virtual meeting from Singapore took place in 2021. The most recent meeting, in 2022, was held in Australia.  A report from that meeting can be found on the SIFoCC’s website (

Among other things, the report describes the meeting’s main themes as including: possibilities concerning integrating commercial courts, arbitration and mediation; managing complexity and how disputes are being made complex; the  “future for corporate legal responsibility, purpose and governance with a focused lens on climate change“; international jurisdictional conflicts; and third party litigation funding in the commercial context.

Posted by Lee Applebaum