ABA Business Court Representative Appointments into 2024

The ABA Section of Business Law’s most recently appointed  Business Court Representatives (BCR) are Judge Julianna Theall Earp of the North Carolina Business Court, and Chancellor Anne C. Martin of the Chancery Court of Davidson County, Tennessee.  Their BCR terms run from 2022-2024.

Judge Earp joined the North Carolina Business Court bench in 2021, see this post, and Chancellor Martin was appointed as the Business Court Docket Judge by Tennessee’s Supreme Court effective November 1, 2019, per this Order.

More on Chancellor Martin’s experience as a BCR can be found here.

Among other things:

The Business Court Representative Program is designed to provide educational opportunities for judges on cutting edge business law developments. The program is also designed to provide the Section members with exposure to judicial leaders as well as an opportunity to provide their input on those same developments and gain their insights and perspectives on business and commercial litigation. ….

Business Court Representatives are individuals who are current members of the judiciary who preside over courts or dockets consisting primarily of complex business and commercial litigation. Business Court Representatives need not have been active in the Section previously. One of the purposes of the Business Court Representative Program is to make the Business Court Representatives, and through them other members of the judiciary, aware of the activities of the Section.

Posted by Lee Applebaum