Boston Bar Association to Hold Business Litigation Session Year in Review Program

The Boston Bar Association will be holding a CLE on the Massachusetts Superior Court’s Business Litigation Session (BLS), a nearly 23 year old business court located in Boston.

While the event is annual and the BLS has been operating for over 20 years, the short written program summary poignantly recognizes the integral role this business court has taken on in Massachusetts. It is an example of how local business courts in many jurisdictions have become an essential part of the legal landscape, and may even be taken for granted.  There are undoubtedly lawyers in Massachusetts (or New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, North Carolina , Rhode Island, and other locales with longstanding business courts) who have never practiced in a legal world where a business court did not exist.

The CLE program summary is also significant in demonstrating the real and functional importance of lines of communication between judges and lawyers on best practices in a business court, improving everyone’s efficiency and effectiveness.

The program summary states:

“Each year, a wide range of complex commercial and business disputes make their way to the Business Litigation Session (“BLS”) of the Massachusetts Superior Court. For business litigators in Massachusetts, it is essential to be familiar with the practice of the BLS and its current judges, recent trends, and the substance of significant recent cases, some of which are issues of first impression. During this CLE program, the panel of BLS judges and practitioners will delve into these issues. There will be time for questions throughout the panel.”

The program registration information can be found here.