Business Court Books and Articles Bibliography (Regularly Updated)

This post will be updated periodically. It includes a selected bibliography of books and articles addressing, in whole or in part, business/commercial courts. These are found in law reviews, bar journals, book chapters, program presentations, periodicals of general circulation, and other publications.  A few videos are also referenced.  Some are short pieces and others are lengthy scholarly works, with a variety in between.

There is no specific citation format followed in this list.  The idea is to provide enough information so that anyone wishing to locate the article can do so.

The Business Courts Blog separately has posted links to business court reports and studies, going as far back as 1994. Links to those various posts can be found here (1994-2009), here (2010-2018), and here (2019-present).

The ABA Section of Business Law’s Business and Corporate Litigation Committee yearly has published a book and/or standalone chapters including annual developments in business and corporate litigation. This publication has been known as Annual Review of Developments in Business and Corporate Litigation, Recent Developments in Business and Corporate Litigation, and most recently, for our purposes, Recent Developments in Business Courts. This annual work has included a chapter on business courts from 2004 to the present.  Publication has been in paper and online formats over the years. In more recent times, the chapters solely have been published as standalone documents online, on the Section of Business Law’s Business Law Today website.  The business courts chapter’s format has been the same throughout, though the number of authors and states covered has expanded considerably over the years with the creation of more business courts.

Selected Business Court Bibliography by Year of Publication

1982 (1)

Rodolphe J.A. de Seife, A Plea for the Creation of Commercial Courts, 17 New England Law Review 437 (Spring 1982)

1983 (1)

Bernard H. Goldstein, Alternatives for Resolving Business Transaction Disputes, 58 St. John’s Law Review 69 (Fall 1983)

1988 (1)

John Bell, Principles and Methods of Judicial Selection in France, 61 Southern California Law Review 1757 (1988)

1989 (3)

Hon. Frank H. Easterbrook, Symposium on the Seventh Circuit as a Commercial Court: Afterword: On Being a Commercial Court, 65 Chicago-Kent Law Review 877 (1989)

Richard A. Booth, Symposium on the Seventh Circuit as a Commercial Court: Forward: The Seventh Circuit as a Commercial Court, 65 Chicago-Kent Law Review 667 (1989)

Rochelle C. Dreyfuss, The Federal Circuit: A Case Study in Specialized Courts, 64 New York University Law Review 1 (1989)

1990 (5)

Fred Maher, Business Law Court Proposed, 13 Pennsylvania Law Journal No. 34 (Sept. 17, 1990)

Howard Gibson, State Has Designs on Delaware: Business Court Rivalry?, 13 Nat’l Law Journal No. 8 (Oct. 29, 1990)

William E. Zeiter and Wendy L. Bell, Pennsylvania Courts of Special Chancery, 24 Insights No. 11 (Nov. 1990)

Bernard S. Black, Is Corporate Law Trivial?: A Polictical and Economic Analysis, 84 Northwestern University Law Review 542 (Winter 1990)

Rochelle Cooper DreyfussSpecialized Adjudication, 1990 Brigham Young University Law Review 377 (1990)

1991 (1)

Paul Lansing & Nina Miley, The Right to a Jury Trial in Complex Commercial Litigation, A Comparative Law Perspective, 14 Loyola of Los Angeles International and Comparative Law Review 121 (Nov. 1991)

1992 (8)

Karen Donavan, Pa. Business Court: Proposals Push for Second Attempt, 14 Nat’l Law Journal No. 35 (May 4, 1992)

John Flynn Rooney, Individual Calendar Pilot Project to Start Next Month in Law Division, Chi. Daily L. Bull. (Aug. 19, 1992)

Gary Spencer, Commercial Court Parts to Open in Manhattan: Specialized Judges to Preside Starting Jan. 1, 208 New York Law Journal No. 52 (Sept. 14, 1992)

Martin Fox, Plans Unveiled for Faster Discovery, Early Trials in New Commercial Parts, 208 New York Law Journal No. 60 (Sept. 24, 1992)

Hon. William H. Rehnquist, The Prominence of the Delaware Court of Chancery in the State-Federal Joint Venture of Providing Justice, 48 Bus. Law. 351 (Nov. 1992)

Hon. William T. Allen, A Bicentennial Toast to the Delaware Court of Chancery, 48 Bus. Law. 363 (Nov. 1992)

Hon. Maurice A. Hartnett, III, The History of the Delaware Court of Chancery, 48 Bus. Law. 367 (1992)

State of New York, Executive Chamber, Mario Cuomo Governor, Press Release on creation of Task Force on Commercial Courts (Nov. 4, 1992)

1993 (12)

Edward V. DiLello, Fighting  Fire with Firefighters: A Proposal for Expert Judges as the Trial Level, 93 Colum. L. Rev. 473 (1993)

Edward Felsenthal, It’s All Business For Novel Court Now In Session, Wall Street Journal (Jan. 5, 1993)

Edward Felsenthal, In Manhattan, New Court Cuts Business Cases, Wall Street Journal (Jan. 5, 1993)

Ira Pilchen, Court Reform Watch: New York Tries Commercial Cases Separately, 76 Judicature No. 5 (Feb.-Mar. 1993)

John L. Kennedy, Chancery Court Proposal Sent to Full Senate: Business Court Supporters Optimistic of Passage, 16 Pennsylvania Law Journal No. 20 (May 17, 1993)

Hon. Jonathan Lippman, The State Courts: An Emerging Haven for Commercial Litigation, 65 NY State Bar Journal No. 4 (May/June 1993)

Daniel Wise, Commercial Parts Struggle with Mission, 209 New York Law Journal No. 122 (June 28, 1993)

Joseph F. Troy, Judicial Specialization: A Proposal for Business and Commercial Law Division in the Superior Courts, 27 Beverly Hills Bar Journal No. 3 (Summer 1993)

David Bailey, Commercial Litigation Heads to New Calendar in Law Division, 139 Chicago Daily Law Bulletin No.l 168 (Aug. 27, 1993)

Gary Spencer, Kaye Signals Willingness to Explore Business Courts, 210 New York Law Journal No. 59 (Sept. 23, 1993)

Jill Chanen, Judge sees justice, not speed, as commercial calendar goal, Chicago Lawyer (Nov. 1993)

Milo Geyelin, Delaware Plans Sped-Up Business Court, Wall Street Journal (Dec. 10, 1993)

1994  (20)

R. Franklin Balotti and Roland E. Brandel, Business Courts in the United States, American Bar Association Section of Business Law Task Force on Business Courts (1994)

Gary Spencer, Cuomo Seeks State Commercial Court; Other Bills Aimed at Improvement of Business Climate, New York Law Journal (Jan. 6, 1994)

Gary Spencer, Commercial Parts Praised at Bar Meeting, New York Law Journal (Jan. 27, 1994)

Theresa Humphrey, Del. Business Court to Speed Litigation; Discovery Would Be Reduced, Juries, Punitive Damages Ended, The Legal Intelligencer (Feb. 2, 1994)

Jennifer Thelan, Favoritism or Good Business? A Proposal for Special Business Courts is Dividing the Bar, the Bench and Corporate Interests, The Recorder (California Feb. 8, 1994)

Michael J. Hall, Bar: No Taxes for Business Court; governors vote to oppose bill to create 4-judge LA pilot project, 107 Los Angeles Daily Journal No. 39 (March 1, 1994)

Jennifer Thelan, Bar Governors Stay Neutral on Business Court Legislation, American Lawyer (Mar. 1, 1994)

Jay W. Eisenhofer and Michael Houghton, Corporate Law: Delaware’s new summary procedure to resolve business disputes, which goes into effect this spring, takes aim at alleviating the so-called crisis in litigation, Nat’l Law Journal (April 4, 1994)

Tom Dressler, Senate Panel Kills Plan for Special Court: Business Wanted Separate Unit for Commercial Cases; was proposed for LA, 107 Los Angeles Daily Journal No. 81 (April 28, 1994)

Thomas A. Slowey, Pennsylvania Chancery Court is a Sound Proposal: But Merit Selection and No Jury Trials Stand as Controversial Components, Pennsylvania Law Weekly  (May 2, 1994)

Leonard Post, Some Courts Are All Business, Study: Commercial Tracks Are Thriving, Nat’l Law Journal (May 17, 1994)

Leonard Post, States take up versions of the specialized business court, The Recorder (California May 19, 1994)

Leonard Post, Complex litigation concerns of critics, Miami Daily Business Review (May 21, 1994)

Martin Fox, Bar Report Urges Expansion of Commercial Parts; County Lawyers’ Panel Reviews Causes for Delay, New York Law Journal (July 20, 1994)

Douglas K. Devries, Designer Gavels: Establishing Business Courts Would Create a Special Class of Litigants and Deny Access to Others, California Bar Journal (July 1994)

Joseph F. Troy, Designer Gavels: California Litigants Suffer Because We Do Not Provide Them with a High Level of Expertise on the Bench, California Bar Journal (July 1994)

Joseph F. Troy, Business Courts for California: A Status Report and the Argument for Change, CEB California Bus. L. Rep. (July 1994)

S. Gale Dick, Special Courts Now Handle Business Cases, 12 Alternatives to the High Cost of Litigation 97 (Aug. 1994)

Stephanie Richardson Hite, Chancery Court Proposal in Business Again: But Opposition Remains Despite Revisions, 17 Pennsylvania Law Weekly No. 43 (Oct. 24, 1994)

Gary Spencer, Investigation Commission Urges State Commercial Court, 212 New York Law Journal No. 99 (Nov. 22, 1994)

1995  (20)

R. Franklin Balotti & Roland E. Brandel, Business Bench: Are Special Courts the Future?, Business Law Today (January/February 1995)

Hon. Thomas L. Ambro, How Delaware Does Business Courts, Business Law Today (January/February 1995)

Commercial and Federal Litigation Section of the New York State Bar Association, A Commercial Court For New York (Jan. 19, 1995)

Daniel Wise, Commercial Parts Earn High Marks, New York Law Journal (Jan. 9, 1995)

Daniel Wise, State Bar Endorses Creation Of Separate Corporate Court, New York Law Journal (Jan. 19, 1995)

Linda Himelstein, The Case for a Business Court, Business Week (Mar. 13, 1995)

David Bailey, 2 More Calendars for Commercial Litigation Set to Open, Chicago Daily Law Bulletin (Mar. 29, 1995)

Paul F. Zendzian, A Day in Court in Europe’s Newest Country, 10 Maine Bar Journal174 (May 1995)

Marcia Coyle and Claudia MacLachlan, Probing the Backlog: NLJ Finds that Most Intractable Cases Involve Business Disputes, 17 Nat’l Law Journal No. 49 (Aug. 7, 1995)

Mason Peters, Court Showing N. C. is Serious About Business, Official Says, The Virginian-Pilot & Ledger Star (Norfolk Sept. 6, 1995)

Daniel Wise, Supreme Court Commercial Division Set Up, New York Law Journal (Oct. 11, 1995)

Court for Business Disputes, Wall Street Journal (Oct. 11, 1995)

Jacqueline Bueno, North Carolina to Establish Business Court, Wall St. Journal (Oct. 25, 1995)

Justice Mitchell Sounds Alarm, North Carolina Lawyers Weekly (Oct. 30, 1995)

Thomas J. Hall, New York Supreme Court’s New Commercial Division: Mandatory Mediation And A Move Closer To The Federal System, Metropolitan Corporate Counsel (Dec. 1995)

Rochelle C. Dreyfuss, Forums of the Future: The Role of Specialized Courts in Resolving Business Disputes, 61 Brooklyn L. Rev. 1 (1995)

John J. Gibbons, The Quality of Judges is What Counts in the End, 61 Brooklyn L. Rev. 45 (1995)

Pauline Neman, Commentary on the Paper by Professor Dreyfus, 61 Brooklyn L. Rev. 53 (1995)

Jeffrey W. Stempel, Two Cheers for Specialization, 61 Brooklyn L. Rev. 67 (1995)

Daniel A. Fulco, Delaware’s Response to Inefficienct Costly Court Systems, and a Comparison to Federal Reform, 20 Delaware J. Corp. L. 937 (1995)

1996  (15)

Margaret Eckenbrecht, A Commercial Venture: Supporters portray business courts as white knights rescuing overburdened justice system, 82 ABA Journal 35 (Jan. 1996)

Complex Business Issues to Be Heard in North Carolina Business Court, B.N.A. Corporate Counsel Daily (Jan. 30, 1996)

States Move to Establish Specialized Business Courts in Effort to Streamline Cases, Heighten Bench Expertise, B.N.A. Corporate Counsel Daily (Mar. 19, 1996)

Time for a Business Division in the Superior Court, New Jersey Lawyer (April 29, 1996)

John L. W. Garrou, Business Court Not Business as Usual, 18 Legal Times No. 50 (April 29, 1996)

New Jersey Administrative Office of the Courts, Press Release, Chief Justice Robert N. Wilentz announced that the New Jersey state court system will be launching a special program for the handling of complex commercial litigation at the trial level (June 10, 1996)

Michael Riccardi, Commerce Court Coming?; Senate Panel Backs Bill Creating Judicial Body for Business Disputes, The Legal Intelligencer (Philadelphia June 19, 1996)

Central European and Eurasian Law Initiative, Specialized Courts: A Concept Paper (June 25, 1996)

Robert L. Haig, New York Creates Business Courts: If They Can Make it There, Can They Make it Anywhere?, Business LawToday  (September/October 1996)

Roland Brandel and Robert L. Haig, Business Courts On The Move, Business Law Today (September/October 1996)

Robert L. Haig, Can New York’s New Commercial Division Resolve Business Disputes as Well as Anyone?,  13 Touro Law Review 191 (Fall 1996)

Daniel Wise, Commercial Division Hails Year’s Progress, 216 New York Law Journal No. 92 (Nov. 8, 1996)

Mike France, Order in The Business Court: But Will These Special Tribunals Be Impartial?, Business Week (Dec. 9, 1996)

Hon. Jonathan Lippman, The First Anniversary of the Commercial Division, Metropolitan Corporate Counsel (Dec. 1996)

Brad Bole, States Give Special Courts the Business, 21 A.B.A. Section of Litigation News 1 (1996)

1997  (29)

ABA Ad Hoc Committee on Business Courts, Towards a More Efficient Judiciary, 52 Business Lawyer 947 (1997)

Elaine R. Friedman, New Business Courts Gain Acceptance, Nat’l Law Journal (Dec. 30-1996-Jan. 6, 1997)

Dan Crawford, Ohio Bar Considers Push for Separate Business Court, Business First of Columbus (Jan. 3, 1997)

Larry Smith, Rebuilding and Infrastructure: New York Firms Only Stand To Gain As Local Business Court Catches On, 16 No. 1 Of Counsel 2 (Jan. 6, 1997)

Robert L. Haig, New York State Creates A Commercial Division, 64 Defense Counsel Journal 17 (Jan. 1997)

David Bailey, Case Disposition Time Continues to Drop, Chicago Daily Law Bulletin (Jan. 8, 1997)

Marshall H. Tanick, Creation of ‘Business Court’ Is Long Overdue In Minnesota: Specialization Cold Let System Use Expertise to Provide Fair, Faster Decisions, Star-Tribune 3D (Feb. 3, 1997)

Mike Austin, Law Division adds judge to handle commercial cases, Chicago Daily Law Bulletin (Feb. 10, 1997)

Business Court Succeeding But Lacks Resources, North Carolina Lawyers Weekly (Mar. 10, 1997)

Clifford E Haines: Creation of a Specialized Business Court, Testimony of Clifford E. Haines, Chancellor, Philadelphia Bar Association, Before Pennsylvania Senate Judiciary Committee Regarding Creation of a Specialized Business Court, Philadelphia Bar Association webpage (Mar. 1997)

Testimony of Charles P. Pizzi, President Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce Before the Pennsylvania Senate Judiciary Committee, Philadelphia Bar Associatio webpage (March 26, 1997)

Nathan Gorenstein, Lawyers Pleas for Court for Business, Philadelphia Inquirer (Mar. 27, 1997)

Michael Riccardi, Backers: Pa. Needs Commerce Court to Compete with Neighboring States, The Legal Intelligencer (Philadelphia Mar. 27, 1997)

Pete Millard, Reworking the business courts, Milwaukee Business Journal (Mar. 30, 1997)

Robert L. Haig, Litigators Should Nurture Business Courts, 10 California Litigation No. 3 (Spring 1997)

Lynne J. Tomeny, The Corporate Bar Issues a Policy Statement Supporting Creation Of A Connecticut Business Court, Metropolitan Corporate Counsel (April 1997)

Clifford Haines, It’s Time to Create a Special Business Court, 20 Pennsylvania Law Weekly No. 18 (May 5, 1997)

Frank J. Wesner, Jr., Proposed Business Court Would Hurt Plaintiffs, 20 Pennsylvania Law Weekly No. 18 (May 5, 1997)

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Judicial Council of California, Final Report of California Judicial Council Business Court Study Task Force (May 16, 1997)

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Jack Scism, Judgment Daze  – State officials left a lot of things hanging when they created one of the nation’s first business courts, Business North Carolina (June 1997)

Corporate, Regional Bars Sponsor Connecticut Business Court Presentation, Metropolitan Corporate Counsel (July 1997)

A Case Study in Successful Judicial Administration: Commercial Division, New York State Supreme Court, N.Y. Litigator (Aug. 1997)

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State Business Courts Here to Stay; Concept Gets Entrenched Despite Setbacks, 10 Commercial Lending Litigation News 8 (Sept. 5, 1997)

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1998  (17)

Sen. Ember Reichgott Junge, Business Courts: Efficient Justice or Two-tiered Elitism?, 24 William Mitchell Law Review 315 (1998)

NY Commercial Division Celebrates Second Anniversary, Metropolitan Corporate Counsel (Greater New York Metro Edition Jan. 1998)

Robert L. Haig, Business Courts Can Improve State Judicial and Legal Systems, Legal Opinion Letter, Washington Legal Foundation (Jan. 9, 1998)

Heather MacGregor, Bringing the Business Back in Special forums for complex business cases seek to stanch commercial bar’s loss of confidence in the courts, 151 New Jersey Law Journal 549 (Feb. 9, 1998)

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Commercial courts coming to Nassau, Long Island Business News (Dec. 18, 1998)

1999 (8)

Kimberly A. Ward, Getting Down to Business–Pennsylvania Must Create a Business Court, or Face the Consequences, 18 Journal of Law and Commerce 415 (1999)

Douglas Banks, Lawmaker, corporate executives push for separate ‘business court’ speed up commercial litigation, Boston Bus. Journal (Jan. 15, 1999)

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2000  (26)

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Todd Bishop, New York’s model helped Philadelphia establish own, Philadelphia Business Journal (Dec. 31, 1999-Jan. 6, 2000)

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Creation of Nevada business court endorsed, Las Vegas Sun (Jan. 11, 2000)

Rachel Berresford, Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas Creates Commerce Case Program, Lawyers Journal (Allegheny County Bar Assoc. Jan. 14, 2000)

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Technology Cases Raise Issues of Competence, N.Y. Times (Sept. 10, 2000)

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Michael Brick, When the Judge Really Can’t Judge, N.Y. Times (Sept. 11, 2000)

William C. Smith, Md. panel urges biz court, Nat’l Law Journal (Sept. 27, 2000)

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Task Force on Tech Court Fine-Tunes, Maryland The Daily Record (Oct. 13, 2000)

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2001  (19)

Sharon M. Porcellio, Innovation, Successes for Litigation, New York Law Journal (Jan. 22, 2001)

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Giving Judges the Business, Business News New Jersey (July 17, 2001)

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2002  (14)

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New York Law Journal (June 20, 2002)

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2003  (35)

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Commercial Cases, Metropolitan Corporate Counsel (N.E. ed. May 2003)

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