New Officers for the American College of Business Court Judges

The American College of Business Court Judges (ACBCJ) has announced its officers for 2023-2024. Founded in October 2005, the ACBCJ has played an important role in the world of business courts, developing educational programs and seminars that have helped better prepare business court judges across the country to handle complex business cases.

The ACBCJ’s 2023-2024 officers are: Hon. Mark R. Denton (President; NV), Hon. Christopher Yates (President-Elect; MI), Hon. Heather Welch (Vice President; IN), retired judge Jerome Abrams (Vice President and Liaison to National Center for State Courts; MN), Hon. Mary Johnston (Treasurer; DE), Hon. Elihu Berle (Secretary; CA), retired judge James Gale (Director Seat A; NC), Hon. Brian Stern (Director Seat B; RI), Hon. John Telleen (Director Seat C; IA), Hon. Lewis Nixon (Director Seat D; IL), Hon. Ann Martin (Director Seat E; TN), and Hon. Abigail LeGrow (Director Seat F; DE).

Thank you to Lee Applebaum for bringing this to our attention.

Posted by Doug Toering