Recent Developments in Business and Corporate Litigation – Business Courts

Since 2004, the ABA Section of Business Law’s Business and Corporate Litigation Committee has included a Business Courts chapter in its annual book, Recent Developments in Business and Corporate Litigation.  The 2021 chapter is available to ABA Business Law Section members as a Business Law Today online publication.  A link to that chapter, available free to members, can be found here.

The original chapter editor, Lee Applebaum, designed the chapter to include both reports on business court developments, and summaries of a few opinions issued from business courts with publicly available opinions.   This remains the format after 17 years (with Applebaum recalled to duty as a co-editor in recent years).  The number of authors, however, has increased from three in 2004, to thirty-six in 2021, and the cases reported now come from eighteen different business court programs.

The annual summaries of developments in existing business courts and the creation of new business courts, over this 17-year period, provide an encyclopedic body of reference materials to those interested in business court history and practice.

Posted by Lee Applebaum