Could Expanding Ohio’s Business Courts Help with Docket Backlogs?

Ohio’s civil court system is currently experiencing significant docket backlogs and an abundance of over-age cases—a lingering result of the COVID-19 pandemic. One possible solution? Expand the state’s business court program.

In 2009, Ohio launched pilot “commercial dockets” (i.e., business courts) in the four counties encompassing Columbus, Cleveland, Toledo, and Cincinnati. Today, however, only Cuyahoga (Cleveland) and Lucas (Toledo) Counties continue to operate commercial dockets: Franklin County (Columbus) terminated its commercial docket in 2012, and Hamilton County (Cincinnati) did likewise in 2017.

At least one Ohio practitioner has called for the expansion of Ohio’s commercial dockets as one way to remedy the backlog in the state’s civil court system (you can find the relevant article here).

Thank you to Lee Applebaum for bringing this to our attention.

Posted by Doug Toering