Wyoming Chancery Court Rules Effective November 15, 2020

Although Wyoming’s Chancery Court is not yet operational, per the Wyoming Supreme Court’s December 30, 2019 Order adopting Rules of Civil Procedure for the Chancery Court, those rules became effective this past Sunday. A copy of the Order and the 99 page Rules of Civil Procedure can be found here.

Among other things, Rule 39 reiterates the fact that the Chancery Court does not include juries, even for matters solely involving monetary disputes.

The Rules also address such matters as the court’s jurisdictional contours and the manner in which cases are assigned to the Chancery Court, service, electronic filing, case management conferences, initial disclosures, proportionality in discovery, limits on discovery, electronic discovery, non-binding ADR using “(i) another active judge, (ii) a retired judge, (iii) retired justice, or (iv) other qualified person on limited assignment”, settlement conferences and mediations by agreement, ADR procedures, determining foreign law, the use of Masters (e.g., “a referee, an auditor, or an examiner”), injunctions, receivers, and offers of judgment, among other subjects.

Posted by Lee Applebaum