Business Court Studies and Reports 2000 – 2009

Numerous states have produced studies on the merits of establishing business courts, or reports evaluating existing business courts. This post provides links to studies and reports on business courts and complex litigation courts produced between 2000 – 2009.


Complex Civil Litigation Pilot Program in Maricopa County Report (2006)

Report of the Complex Civil Litigation Evaluation Committee (2009)


Paula L. Hannaford-Agar, Nicole L. Mott & Timothy F. Fautsko, Evaluation of the Centers for Complex Civil Litigation Pilot Program, National Center for State Courts and California Administrative Office of the Courts (June 30, 2003)


Report of the Committee on Business Courts (2000)


Special Committee on Superior Court Business/Complex Litigation Report and Recommendation (2009)


Maryland Business and Technology Task Force Report (2000)

Maryland Business and Technology Case Management Program Implementation Committee’s Final Report (2001)


The Business Litigation Session in Massachusetts Superior Court: A Status Report (2003)

The Massachusetts Business Litigation Session: Docket and Caseload Analysis (2004)


A Survey of the Structure of Business Courts by State or Local Jurisdiction (2008)

New York

Commercial Division Focus Groups Report (2006)

North Carolina

Chief Justice’s Commission on the Future of the North Carolina Business Court Final Report and Recommendation (2004)

Report on the Activities of the North Carolina Business Court 2006-2008


E.D.G.E. Final Report (2003)


Study and Analysis of the Philadelphia Commerce [Court] Program (2005)

Links to Reports on Philadelphia’s Commerce Court can be found here

South Carolina

Report of the South Carolina Bar’s Task Force on Courts re: The Creation of a Business Court Pilot Program (2007)

Report on South Carolina’s Business Court Pilot Program (2009)


Texans for Lawsuit Reform Foundation, Recommendations for Reform, The Texas Judicial System (2007)

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